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parcel purchase request form

for property developed by waterside limited, a belize corporation (seller) at flowers bank, belize, having its office at 15 "a" street, kings park, belize city, belize.

please fill out this form accurately and completely. name(s) and address below will be registered on the deed of conveyance/indenture and all other documents registered by the government of belize.

purchaser(s) full name(s):

street: apt.#:






home phone: best time to contact:    am    pm

work phone: best time to contact:     am    pm

cell phone: best time to contact:     am    pm



           please be sure to give you full and exact email address.


confirm email:


i wish to purchase the following parcel(s):

parcel #:    group #:     price:

parcel #:    group #:     price:

parcel #:    group #:     price:

parcel #:    group #:     price:

parcel #:    group #:     price:


total purchase price for above parcel(s):


optional - if financing is required...

1. state amount of financing required:

(maximum amount financed = 65% of total purchase price).

    2.99% interest rate per annum from 1 to 3 years or

    7.99% interest rate per annum from 4 to 10 years).


2. the number of years you wish to finance:


thank you for completing the above form. once you have verified the information is correct, click on the submit button below and the form will automatically be transmitted to us. we will confirm the receipt of your parcel purchase request form within 72 hours either by email or phone... then guide you through the purchasing process.




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